5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?

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Snuff. Now that's a seminal punk rock name I didn't think I'd stumble across ever again, after the band announced indefinite hiatus in 2005 and released a best-of collection in the same year. Since their inception in 1986 and throughout much of the 90s, they were arguably one of the most prominent and important punk rock names within the UK, having released a slew of punk rock classics throughout the decade. Snuff were always known for their variety; one song would bring you noisy, buzzing garage punk, the next one would be a melodic rocker, and they'd also dabble their toes in hardcore punk and ska in equal measure.

Well, they're back in 2013 with their tenth studio album "5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?", their first one in nine years, where that versatility continues as if the past decade simply didn't happen. The band still specialize in vibrant, warm punk rock melodies and vocals that stand halfway between coarse and melodic, offering a characteristically garage-style delivery that's warmed many a heart during the decades that the band were active. They throw curveballs at the listener by breaking into hardcore punk on "Mumbo Jumbo", offer standard Snuff-style buzzing melodic punk on "There Goes The Waltzinblack", and bring in the trumpets and sax on the album highlight "Rate Run". Organs are also occasionally present in evidence of Snuff continuing to expand outside of the safe realms of basic punk rock, which has always been their strength and their unique identifier. Where most bands stick to that one melodic sound, Snuff basically play noisy punk and throw in whatever elements they feel are necessary to create some activity in the soundscapes. Sometimes that's a bright guitar solo, at other times it's a circle-pit inducing pedal-to-the-floor song, sometime's it's toying with Lagwagon style skate punk. It makes sure that Snuff stick out from the hordes of punk rockers out there.

In that sense, "5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?" is classic Snuff exactly as they've always sounded like. But if there's something it's lacking, it's the classics. Where previous Snuff albums always had a few timeless songs like "Arsehole", "Nick Motown" or "Not Listening", this one only has "Rat Run". The rest of the songs are good, but a little bit disappointing compared to their legacy. But I guess that's often the case with reunion albums like this one.


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Release date 08.01.2013
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