Inner Evil (EP)

Written by: EW on 19/01/2013 00:29:46

Little did I know when reviewing "World Without God" three years ago that old school Finnish brutal death metallers Convulse were about to join the reformation wagon. I noted how the re-release of the album showcased a very heavy and dark DM band but one that ultimately possessed nothing ground-breaking; now over 20 years later with only 2 of the original 4 members back in the band, we have a curiously short 2-track EP, "Inner Evil". Why only 2 tracks and 12 minutes of music you ask? I wish I knew. Surely some other material could have been tacked on to make this more worthwhile?

For what we have though is a performance surprisingly similar to the old material but in a production that if anything is a little blunter. "Inner Evil" starts slowly in 11th Hour-styled death/doom before breaking a minute in to Asphyx-ian territories of hazardous death metal. The callousness of Rami Jämsä's vocals remain - he gargles sandpaper in his churn pushing the end result to a greater degree of brutality. The swirling riffs that follow his chorus vocal lines in "Inner Evil" make an impression from the first listen (not always something that can be said about death metal) although the long Entombed-esque outro the song could have reduced to increase the song's overall potency. "God Is Delusion" begins acoustically before the charge of drums and grunts arrive - the metallic thud of the snare drum is a notable goregrind touch that I could do without - but the song overall mixes downcast moments of doom in fairly neatly with the medium tempo on it's flipside. Gentle and fluid solos abound, the final two minutes drag before that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. Moments of interest are there for the intrigued, but why could we not have had more?


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Release date: 25.01.2013
Svart Records

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