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Hard Feelings

Written by: PP on 17/01/2013 23:22:29

Like your pop punk with a tiny bit of angst in it, but still think it should come without an overload on polish and over-inflated soundscapes? You might consider Major League an ideal treat for your taste buds, because their "Hard Feelings" is just that: a prototypical pop punk album in the vein of the mid 2000s era, just without the downsides I just mentioned. It's punk enough when needed, but isn't afraid to utilize pitch-perfect dual vocal harmonies, call/response dynamics, and all the usual stuff to hammer their point home.

Basically, take the spirited, youthful pop punk of Junior Battles, throw in a good amount of angst from Punchline circa "Delightfully Pleased", and mix in a bit of no-frills pop punk tempo and melody from The Dopamines, and you've got Major League. Highlight songs "Nightmares", "Landslide", and "Homewrecker" are impossibly catchy, yet avoid sounding overtly poppy because of the punk rock base that's persistent in their sound. That being said, the guitars are full of catchy hooks, bouncy rhythms and all that stuff, exactly as you'd expect on a pop punk release. But this ain't no Hit The Lights style cheesefest, Major League always come across as more down to earth, more honest and genuine in comparison. That's probably why they've been earning favorable ratings at support slots to bands like Living With Lions in recent times.

There's not much more to say about "Hard Feelings" because it isn't exactly an original album. In fact, you've heard it before a ton of times, but the thing is, it's so catchy and easily accessible that it's difficult not to like it. For the 'cleaner' pop punk genre that isn't so concerned with the whole 'defend pop punk' movement, "Hard Feelings" may have been in the top 3 albums released in the genre. Just check out the songs on it to understand why.


Download: Nightmares, Landslide, Homewrecker
For the fans of: Junior Battles, Punchline, The Dopamines
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Release date 13.11.2012
No Sleep Records

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