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Chinese Demography

Written by: PP on 16/01/2013 19:55:54

Aside from having absolutely fantastic artwork for their latest EP "Chinese Demography", Teenage Gluesniffers from Milan, Italy also excel in writing upbeat no-frills pop punk that's super easy to get into. This is your standard issue release in the genre, with poppy vocals (with a bit of snotty delivery for added effect) and simple, but melodic three chord riffs being the only elements needed for a few catchy sing alongs. It's not particularly ambitious artistically, following essentially in the same path as their previous album "Nervous Breakdown" from three years ago, but it doesn't need to be when the songs are this catchy.

"Sick Of You", "For You" are perfect examples. They are fast paced pop punkers with irresistible choruses and a simple party vibe that'll remind you our local boys in The 20Belows. "My Inferno" is probably the best song on record thanks to a fun lead riff and an instantly memorable chorus hook, but really, you could just as well pick any song on the record because they're all just as catchy. The vocal style itself is the only odd man out there, because even though it's catchy, it's also obvious that this guy can't sing for shit. But then again, this is punk rock so that's not really a problem, now is it?

Anyway. "Chinese Demography" is a prototypical no-frills pop punk release. It contains no bullshit and all solid melodies. It's hard to pick apart because it's so easily accessible and upbeat in its expression, so if you're into the genre, especially played European style, this should be on your list of albums to check out.

Download: Sick of You, For You, My Inferno
For the fans of: The 20Belows, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Dopamines, oldest Green Day
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Release date 08.09.2012

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