The Acacia Strain

Death Is The Only Mortal

Written by: AZ on 13/01/2013 11:40:28

This review is about death, murder, blood, violence, and all the scary things a regular insanely heavy band like The Acacia Strain can imagine. This time, for a change, I'll make a final summary in the beginning – it's booooriiing. If you have listened to deathcore or music whose sole purpose is to generate a wall of sound and serious amounts of pain amongst its listeners – then you have already heard this album.

Still intrigued? Well a thing I can add about “Death Is The Only Mortal” is that it is a great example of breakdown-centric music. Most of the songs consist of slow down-tempo parts that sooner or later end-up in open string chugging. The vocal support to the mayhem caused by guitars, bass and drums is either a deep slow growl, harsh high-pitched growl and a deep slow growl with some distortion (why?).

This album doesn't rely on a serious amount of work, true musicianship or any creativity at all. Heck, if you decide to buy a 7, 8 or 1231 stringed guitar and start slamming the thickest string/rope in some pseudo-random fashion, you will most likely produce a record that's close to what we have here.

All in all this record is a true member of its genre. I guess that with the image they like to portray of themselves – middle finger in the air douchebags – The Acacia Strain are perfectly happy with what they have produced. And so will their die-hard fans that like to punch people in the face for no reason. As for the rest of us – skip!

Download: The Mouth of the River, Doomblade
For The Fans Of: Suicide Silence, Emmure, Impending Doom
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Release Date 09.10.2012
Rise Records

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