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Fishing For A Thank You

Written by: BV on 11/01/2013 20:43:20

”Fishing For a Thank You” is quite possibly one of the most relaxing, down to earth and peculiar records I have laid ears to, during my short time as a writer for The description that followed Beans On Toast – “drunk folk singer” is quite possibly the most fitting description I have ever read, and oddly enough I have taken a strong liking to it. As a folk, alternative folk and perhaps a bit anti-folk record, the lyrics are the driving force of the songs, and as such, these tend to be over complicated, often involving heartbreak or other well-known troubles. Beans On Toast differ quite a bit from this tendency, if only because the lyrics are quite humorous, down to earth and straightforward. So, essentially the lyrics are about everyday things many seem to take for granted, seen through these humorous and perhaps a bit drunken eyes.

The opening track “Microwave Popcorn” and the following track “Beer and A Burger,” are prime examples of my aforementioned observations, as the lyrical universe revolves around the simple things of life, with that unmistakable sprinkle of humor. Now, Beans On Toast is no vocal genius, nor do I think it to be a concern of sorts. What is truly the focus here, is the minimalistic folk arrangements of the songs that are occasionally beefed up by adding instruments like trumpets and such.

Therefore, I find it quite hard to review this album on basis of its musicianship, because the album is unlike anything I’ve heard before, and I’m not really sure how I have to go about it. What I can say, however, is that the record seems quite excellently done in its particular genre, and it is a pleasant listening experience. In fact, it seems like a perfect album to put on when dealing with a severe hangover, and perhaps that is the true purpose of it. I’ll have to test that out sometime.

Anyway, the negative thing about this album is, perhaps, the minimalistic arrangements that I actually like quite a bit. The problem with these arrangements is that the record becomes more of a background listening experience, if you will. It doesn’t envelop you in its very own universe, nor does it demand a particularly high level of focus. This might not be a bad thing, but it is one of the points I have come to judge albums by.

To be short about what has seemingly become a long rant, I like the album quite a bit and I am looking forward to using it to help me through a gruesome hangover, but I don’t think there is much more to the album than that. So, in essence, the album is a simple piece of work, but in the greatest way it can be. It is well done and funny as hell, while not becoming toe-cringing or anything like that. I highly recommend giving it a listen or two, as I find it really hard to describe.


Download: Beer and a Burger, Microwave Popcorn, Freedom Road
For The Fans Of: Billy Wallace & The Virginia Blues, Ben Marwood

Release Date 01.12.2012
Xtra Mile Recordings

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