Holy Murder Masquerade

Written by: PP on 06/03/2007 13:47:19

From the opening moments of the first track "The Confession" you notice there's something more to the underrated Swedish melodic deathmetallers Impious than what you might initially deduct from the front cover of their new album "Holy Murder Masquerade". The gut-wrenching growls "Forgive me father! For I will sin!" stick to your mind immediately and arouse suspicion on what it is the lyrics are actually foreboding with these words. Not surprisingly, the album turns out to be a complicated concept album revolving around Trent, a religious freak sent on a path to murder his entire 'evil' bloodline by a dream he had two years before the beginning of the sickening story, something we are first told on the title track placed in the middle of the album, to initially arouse confusion over why the hell Trent is going around praising God and murdering his own family found in trailer parks, suburbs and even in financial centres of the city.

It is a story of a man with no mercy and no remorse. The way in which he murders his victims is disgusting to think about, let alone look at, which is exactly what Impious invites us to do with their artwork. The two-day long serial killing spree is documented by a well drawn comic which spares us from no disgusting details on how Trent murders his own family members. Quite fittingly, the instrumental work is just as savagely brutal as the story, we are not saved from ear-bruising thrash riffs nor from the occasional harshly delivered technical solos, both perfectly genre-loyal to The Haunted-style melodic death metal.

I won't describe everything from the twisted turn in the end of the story, or the revelations on why the man went on this horrible massacre, but the way "Dark Closure" sees Trent in a confession booth discussing his actions with a priest giving us an insight into his head is a fantastic ending to this twisted but great story. Fans of brutal melodic death metal with a concept? Get your hands on Impous' latest album "Holy Murder Masquerade".


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Release date 29.01.2007
Metal Blade
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