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Dead Years

Written by: AZ on 10/01/2013 23:05:29

Before starting with my first review of year I just want to wish to all the Rockfreaks readers out there a great 2013. I hope we all get to listen to some kick ass tunes in the upcoming year! And in order to continue the thought about powerful music I present to you a great album from 2012 – "Dead Years" crafted by This Or The Apocalypse.

Having two releases already behind them, the American quintet steps up to put out their best recording to date. It is a crazy mix of melody, 'djenty' riffs, clean vocals and breakdowns that pack a powerpunch. The band is active in one of modern metal's busiest genres – metalcore, which makes their product even more valuable bearing in mind the amount of crappy bands making music nowadays.

Many things can be said about "Dead Years" but its essence lies in the 'in your face' aliveness pouring out along the duration of the record. It is awesome to listen to this record again and again just because of the experience that it brings along. The way the songs are recorded and the sound and atmosphere they bring makes me feel like I'm at a great live show. And no matter how many times I listen to "Americans" I always get a shiver when chorus part kicks in. It never gets old.

Another thing about the release is its flow. Yes, it has faster, slower, brutal hard and pop-soft parts. No matter what kind of pace drummer Aaron Ovecka aims for, the band manages to craft the song in such a way that it makes sense and keeps the emotions real.

As a newcomer to This Or The Apocalypse's music, I must say that the guys have put out a great effort. I advise you to give it a go if you want to party in style – with lots of singing, moshing and jumping.


Download: Americans, You Owe No One But You, Hell Praiser
For The Fans Of: Melodic Hardcore, Metalcore
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Release Date 25.09.2012
Lifeforce Records

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