Emily And The Complexes

Styrofoam Plate Blues

Written by: TL on 10/01/2013 21:34:13

Emily And The Complexes are a quartet from Columbus, Ohio. "Styrofoam Plate Blues" is their first full length album. I deliver those two bits of information in such a deadpan manner, because after exhausting consideration I've come to the conclusion that "Styrofoam Plate Blues" is a record which is more easily described by what it isn't rather than what it its. First off, despite what their name could otherwise have you believe, EATC are not a female fronted band - in fact they're not even a female-including band, not that this is so unusual. Speaking of being un-unusual however, EATC are also not very stylistically exciting: In all their twangy, straight-up, mid-tempo middle-of-the-road-ness they are in fact probably the least colourful band I have taken it upon myself to review in quite a while. I guess they are sort of emo-ish in the vocals, reminding me of Into It. Over It and of their own admitted influences Manchester Orchestra on occasion, but mostly, I'm still more tempted to point out how little they sound like anyone.

In fact, nonsensical as it may sound, my chief impression from "Styrofoam Plate Blues" is that it is an album which is most characterised by its utter lack of interesting characteristics. Plainly speaking it's dull. It's the pitch-black surface from which the light of my attention has fled - repeatedly - despite my best efforts to try and get into it. I hate to say it, because despite all this, the album clearly does not flat out suck. There's no pretense or decisively bad taste or lacking ability to be found here, rather the band actually sounds perfectly genuine and believable.. Which is why I'm sort of bummed to hit them with this stinging accusation of almost total mediocrity.. But that is simply what I get from this album: That it's one of those rare records you forget instantly after its over, even if you did recognise the songs while they were spinning. The kind that drains the energy out of you. The lyrics for instance, could be sort of interesting, but the music is doing the exact opposite of compelling me to pay attention to them. So if any non-homeboys-of-the-band can find something fascinating here, please do enlighten me in the comments. Otherwise I'm sorry for the band for giving them this sorry review, but I really just think they're dead average.


Download: Brother, Don't Wait; Social Skills; Styrofoam Plate Blues
For The Fans Of: Into It. Over It., Paper The Operator, Manchester Orchestra, Tigers Jaw
Listen: facebook.com/emilyandthecomplexes

Release Date 18.09.2012

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