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Fast Hands, Bad Timing EP

Written by: PP on 09/01/2013 23:12:19

Before you start wondering why "Fast Hands, Bad Timing", the debut EP by New York's On The Fifty, sounds so much like a modern Bayside record, take a quick peak at who produced the record: Anthony Raneri of said band. No wonder. And they're promoted by the same peeps who've done stuff for The Swellers, so there's another band they sound almost identical to. Not that we're complaining, the world needs more bands like The Swellers and Bayside, especially if said band borrows just enough from both bands to make their sound stick out a little bit, which is coincidentally the case with On The Fifty on this EP.

They're armed with a great vocalist, whose smooth, laid-back delivery is a reason to get the EP on its own. But his delivery is an interesting countermeasure against the high energy pop punk instrumentation that otherwise gets carried away underneath his voice, as if he's holding them in check as if not to run away into melodic hardcore or something. Sounds weird, I know, but it works. The result is somewhere in between the emotive alternative rock of Bayside and the more upbeat brightness of The Swellers, and we're liking it here at the RF headquarters. The songs are super catchy, the production is swell, and the band's songwriting suggests that this is another band to watch out for in 2013, considering this is only their debut EP. Impressive.


Download: Even If It Kills, Blue Roses
For the fans of: The Swellers, Bayside, Broadway Calls
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Release date 18.09.2012

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