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Written by: PP on 09/01/2013 22:58:39

You know the feeling when you pop on a record and instantly know that the band is from Denmark without having to check anywhere? I don't get that with bands from any other country, but that's probably because being 'hip' is so 'in' over here at the moment that, by its nature, it affects all artists and musicians somehow. In the case of Mellow Yellow from Copenhagen, it means their rock'n'roll expression on their self-titled EP has been armed with a boatload of retro and an unintentional vibe of cool on a couple of tracks - but that isn't meant as a negative remark, at least not in this instance.

The band's influences are firmly rooted in the 70s and also in bands who make a living by referencing the 70s. The rhythmic grooves on opener "Turn On, Tune In", for example, smell a liiiiiittle too much like Wolfmother especially with the organ backing, but it's a fairly catchy song anyway so I'll forgive them that. Later on, the band go for a bluesy mood on "Before The Sunset", which also has moments of soul both in the vocal department as well as in the 70s ambience. You'll recognize influence from fellow danes in The Blue Van and maybe even Thee Attacks in places, but I'd still say the Aussie retro rock of Wolfmother is where Mellow Yellow find their instrumentals most of the time.

The good news is that the songs are well-written and catchy, plus they have a sprinkle of attitude on the vocals so there's potential to be had here. Four tracks isn't enough to judge a band's ability just yet, but based on these tracks they'll fit right in with their 70s obsessed colleagues in the country.


Download: Turn On, Tune In
For the fans of: Wolfmother, Rival Sons, The Blue Van, Thee Attacks
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Release date 01.06.2012

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