The Hurt Process

A Heartbeat Behind

Written by: KS on 13/06/2005 20:29:38

The Hurt Process has indeed managed to impress me with this album called 'A Heartbeat Behind'. Since their debut they have become a lot more metallic and that's exactly what they should have done from the start. Though their debut was critically acclaimed I personally didn't think much of it. This time it's something else. The first track 'Anchor' is a brilliant opener and a good show-off of what The Hurt Process is able to produce. A metalcore like intro with brilliant double-pedal - I'm loving it. The vocal bits are also almost done to perfection with high pitched screaming, "growling" and clean vocals at the right places. Unfortunately there somehow has to be a ballad on most albums these days but The Hurt Process executes this very well with their song 'The Night Before The Morning After'. All in all you get 10 very good tracks for you to enjoy.


Download: A Heartbeat Behind, Take To You
For the fans of: Atreyu

Release date 31.5.2005
Victory Records

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