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The Empirical EP

Written by: PP on 09/01/2013 22:42:19

Third EP sent to us by Prize The Doubt, third type of sound I've heard from the band. The good news is that with "The Empirical" EP, I believe they have finally found the light after wandering in the dark searching for an identity on their first two EPs. They haven't sounded this convincing ever before: the manner of urgency and immediacy that the band demonstrates here through intricate chaos-driven mathcore is approaching brilliance. It's a huge leap forward from a band that only a little over a year ago sounded like a c-rated Vanna/Alexisonfire, and now in brief passages pose a respectable challenge for Converge's throne in apocalyptic chaos-hardcore.

Big words, I know, but it warms a reviewer's heart that a band does not take neutral or even negative reviews to their hearts, and instead use it as constructive criticism to further develop as musicians and songwriters. The result, is bewildering. "The Empirical" EP draws equally much from Converge as it does from the lo-fi screamo movement, meaning they combine total chaos with haunting, semi-clean vocal passages and longer instrumental sections that are meant to build ambience and atmosphere. They may still lack the brickwall-type intensity of a Converge release, but they compensate with forcible urgency that just won't let go of its listener.

While everyone in the band has improved, that has to be credited to their screamer who has developed into an exceptional talent within his field. This guy should now remind you of the brilliant tearing scream of the Fear Before The March Of Flames dude on their seminal and often under-appreciated release "Art Damage". Devastating. And with the cleans contrasting in just the right places, the dual vocal approach makes for some truly epic moments during this EP, which incidentally also happen on some lengthier all-instrumental sections like that on "Introverted". The dynamics of the lengthy opening passage create a perfect explosion point for the vocals later on, that are further juxtaposed against the cleans, which here are at their most melodic. Great stuff.

Prize The Doubt need to put out a full length. They've now released three EPs with this one being by far the best one, so now they have some serious momentum. Add them to your 'bands to watch in 2013' list.

Download: Ancient Infections, Compass Rose, Introverted
For the fans of: Converge, "Art Damage" by Fear Before The March Of Flames, United Nations
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Release date 02.09.2012

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