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Infinity Overhead

Written by: PP on 09/01/2013 21:53:31

The masters of sexy, r'n'b infused experimental indie are back. Aside from Justin Timberlake, nobody writes music as oozing with sexuality and smooth funky vibes like Minus The Bear do. That type of stuff is normally a little too much on the feminine side for my tastes, but somehow this band is one of few where I appreciate sexy grooves and light guitar interplay in combination with lustrous vocal work. Must be because that Botch dude is in the band.

"Infinity Overhead" is their fifth album overall, and it continues where "Omni" left off two years ago. The band's past is in intricate guitar work that had its roots in light math rock, displaying virtuoso musicianship over experimental indie rock and soothing vocal passages, but these days they have dropped much of their renowned technicality and focus on writing more fluid and complete songs instead. Although the band are still rigorously technical in places, you can tell that they've dropped their aspiration to be immensely technical in favour of building more jazzy atmospheres and all-encompassing, carefully constructed holistic soundscapes.

This is both a bad thing and a good thing. The distinct pop element of "Omni" made sure some songs were simply irresistible; here the ambition is higher than just sexy indie pop and so some of the songs can feel a little long-winded. But at the same time, the almost five-minute "Heaven Is A Ghost Town" has lots of soul, and demonstrates a band irrevocably in love with experimenting with their already experimental soundscapes further. Think Mars Volta style ambition levels. In the end, "Infinity Overhead" is well-produced by excellent musicians, so it's going to sound good no matter what. But it does lack the seductive nature of "Omni" or the technical nature of their early work somewhat.


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For the fans of: This Town Needs Guns, Hostage Calm, Danger Radio
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Release date 28.08.2012
Dangerbird / Big Scary Monsters

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