Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man

Shattered Dreams Parkway

Written by: PP on 09/01/2013 21:21:32

You know how nobody listens to the NOFX records before "S&M Airlines"/"Ribbed"? That's because the production was shitty, and their songs kinda sucked. Sure, it was punk as fuck to just start playing instruments without a clue on how to write actual songs, and it arguably fit in with the rebellious atmosphere back then, because you just didn't have much choice if you wanted to listen to music that gave the finger to the likes of MTV. That era has long since passed, and these days people expect a) solid production and b) solid songs no matter how obscure and underground your band is, if for no other reason than the sheer amount of quality choice available. If you're not gonna cut it, then some other band will and they'll get the attention instead.

That's essentially how I feel about Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man and their new album "Shattered Dreams Parkway". It's an old school, hardcore rooted punk record with a distinct 80s sound attached to it, and a bit of a crossover vibe in places for good measure (think Municipal Waste except way more punk). You'll think of "So What If We're On Mystic!" or "The P.M.R.C. Can Suck On This" EPs from 80s NOFX, and perhaps even Rancid on their eponymous "Rancid 2000" album will come to mind in places. But where the latter was jam-packed with punk classics, "Shattered Dreams Parkway" sounds underproduced and irrelevant, hopelessly trying to revive a dead 80s hardcore sound with short, minute-and-a-half bursts of energy-laden hardcore/punk. Yet they miss the ferocity and authenticity of bands like OFF!, or the fresh innovation of Fucked Up, and instead end up sounding dated and way too retrospective for their own good.

Where some revival bands have in recent years blown fresh air in genres everyone thought were dead and done a long time ago, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man never get the momentum on their side on the record despite its ridiculous tempo. "Shattered Dreams Parkway" may show a band with its heart and attitude in the right place, but it also displays an inability to live with the times, or alternatively, an inability to write better songs that would convince me to forget about the former entirely (see: OFF!). The artwork is awesome, though.

Download: An Aggressive Lecture, Captain Gin Vs The Victory Gin
For the fans of: Antibodies, old school NOFX, Black Flag, Rancid's "Rancid 2000"
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Release date 22.10.2012
TNS Records / 5 Feet Under Records

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