Young Turks

Where I Lie

Written by: PP on 08/01/2013 00:41:37

Emotionally charged, torn-apart hardcore that isn't completely monotonous and unnecessarily macho in its sound. Yep, I think we can safely assume that's the new trend based on our experiences in the last couple of years, with La Dispute and Touché Amoré at the forefront of the movement. Here's another band joining the ranks, albeit admittedly with a heavier sound that's more directly sourced from conventional hardcore: Young Turks from 'RIP CITY', or Portland as it is known to us mortals.

"Where I Lie" begins in almost exactly in the same way as Touché Amoré kicks off their masterpiece "Parting The Sea Between The Brightness And Me" on "~". A foreshadowing instrumental intro toys with melancholic melody, before exploding into a coarse scream of riot-inciting lyrics in a live environment: "And if I promised just one thing...for the rest of my liiifeeee". It's a powerful message that's reinforced by the excellent vocals that combine hardcore fury and uncompromising delivery with decipherable and meaningful lyrics that almost entirely avoid the cliché macho environment that the rest of the hardcore scene is stuck on. This is important, because otherwise the band's musicianship draws from the down-tuned ferocity of many a hardcore band, though they aren't afraid to tune up their guitars to some slick melodies away from the chug-chug territory as well. It's like an amalgamation of hardcore and emotional post-hardcore, with a leaning on the former but definite elements present from the latter. Think American Nightmare / Give Up The Ghost here basically.

Perhaps the desperation element is lacking compared to the emotional torture of Touché Amoré and their counterparts, but we've heard that style on so many records as of late so a little bit more testosterone driven approach is a welcome change. That makes "Where I Lie" a different sounding record that nonetheless emulates the trends of the new hardcore scene convincingly. That's why you should give it a listen.


Download: Intro (Where I Lie), Correspondence, Three Goggles
For the fans of: Touché Amoré, American Nightmare, Defeater
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Release date 07.08.2012
Animal Style Records

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