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Farewell Catalonia

Written by: PP on 07/01/2013 23:45:03

You'll probably know the name Russ Rankin as the vocalist for Good Riddance, but in case you don't, Good Riddance are/were (not really sure about their status despite the reunion tour last year) a staple in the melodic hardcore/punk scene throughout much of the 90s and 2000s. Recently he put out a solo record under his own name called "Farewell Catalonia", where he shows a softer and a more somber side to his fiery punk anthems in Good Riddance.

Basically, the solo record is fairly standard acoustic punk rock that draws equally much from singer-songwriter as it does from Rankin's career behind Good Riddance. In other words, it sounds exactly as you'd expect it to sound like if Rankin's political views were armed with an acoustic guitar, classical piano and other standard instrumentation for the style. So in essence, it just sounds like Good Riddance unplugged, just like Joey Cape sounds like Lagwagon acoustic, and Tony Sly (RIP) was like NUFAN without the electric guitars.

As such, the songs are bound to be decent given his status as a songwriter, but unfortunately aren't enough to carry themselves on their won. You're always left wondering if it would've been better with a little more aggression, a little more power, a little more speed behind it. While it gives more room for his lyricism to be in the spotlight (which is good as usual), the songs pass by relatively unnoticed, without leaving a particularly lasting mark on their listener.

Download: Points Between, Flesh And Bone, Indivisible
For the fans of: Joey Cape, Tony Sly, Good Riddance
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Release date 07.08.2012
Paper + Plastick

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