Black Market Crash

The Buried Dancers EP

Written by: PP on 07/01/2013 22:50:16

Black Market Crash are an obscure punk rock band from Geneva, Switzerland. The scene warriors might recognize them as Tastes Like Chicken, who achieved limited success within Europe over a decade ago, but they've been quiet for eight years now, have changed name since then, and own a different sound on new EP "The Buried Dancers".

The EP consists of catchy, upbeat punk rock with bright melodies, but enough grit to firmly place their influences on the older punk rock bands. Descendents pops to mind on a couple of songs due to the no-frills old school delivery of the songs, whilst a few choruses borrow from the working man's punk scene (think Street Dogs and Dropkick Murphys), at least partially. The songs are simple stabs at the basic melodic punk formula, with the old school reference here and there, and emit a feel-good vibe overall, but it's nothing you won't have heard played before and better in the past. That said, "Ozzie Rabbit's Bleak Journey" is cute because of its chorus about iPhones, and "Ask A Pawn If It Likes Chess" has a catchy little sing along embedded to it. This is a decent EP, but not yet impressive enough to win them acclaim outside of their national circuit.

Download: Ozzie Rabbit's Bleak Journey, Ask A Pawn If It Likes Chess
For the fans of: Descendents, Dead To Me
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Release date 07.03.2012

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