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Welcome The Night

Written by: TL on 01/03/2007 01:32:08

With the release of their most recent album "Welcome The Night", The Ataris had themselves set up for pretty much the comeback of the year. After having released pop punk classics "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits" and "End Is Forever", they choose a way more mainstream approach on "So Long Astoria" and thus alienated loads of fans. Before the recent release, the band had even broken up but now they're back (although only with the original frontman and guitarist), and according to themselves they've chosen to move out of the crisis by moving in a more mature and reflective direction.

Words made action, the record I'm currently listening to is to say the least quite different from the old loveable The Ataris we all knew. Opener "Not Capable Of Love" is still catchy, but it's way darker and flying somewhat higher than the old material. It's still a decent song though, even if it does feel a bit forced at some points. The next handful of songs continue the new style, with larger and more spacey moods, giving you the well known feeling, that this is the sound of a band trying to inflate their sound to be bigger than it really is, seeing as how the content doesn't seem to suit the grand arrangements. The too classic melancholic, weltschmertz-filled vocalwork never becomes convincing enough to really get you on you toes and most of the songs just drift by like clouds, without giving you impressions of being particularly good, nor bad. To me "Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies" stand out beside the opener, but none of the songs will serve as more than passing muses, at least not to me.

"Welcome The Night" is apptly titled for it's moods, and I won't even begin to question how this is probably filled with the bands best intentions, but I have to inform you that it isn't really awesome in any particular way. You know an album is average when you can listen to it again and again without remembering any songs as being especially good or bad. How much above or below average depends on how much this bothers you. On this album, the songs might feel a bit generic and a bit much like lullabies, but they still work out without ever insulting your taste, and if you are just in the mood for something that's pleasant without demanding too much thought or attention, this might actually work out for you. Still it's a version of The Ataris far from the form of old, back when it would have been an insult to grade them only


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For the fans of: Goo Goo Dolls, The Killers, Jimmy Eat World
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Release Date 20.02.2007
Sanctuary Records
Provided by Target ApS

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