Let's Get You Somewhere Else

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For a while it seemed like all modern punk rock had to offer was roared, whiskey-stained vocals and melodically ringing guitars from Gainesville, or the clean Midwestern style from the Minneapolis region. Recently, the older (mid to late 90s) style punk rock is making a bit of a comeback with great releases from Down By Law and The Downtown Struts being among the highlights this past year. Luther connects with that bunch on their new album "Let's Get You Somewhere Else", a light, clean punk rock album that seamlessly blends in pop and alternative rock ideas without necessarily falling under either category.

For Luther, speed and tempo has been a secondary concern triumphed by focus on great songwriting. The laid back vocals have a chilled out vibe, yet they are used extremely effectively for impressive vocal harmonies, chorus hooks, and honest, unassuming lyricism, each elements that capture the listener in their own, charming way. Speaking of charming, that's probably the best way to describe the record. It has one of those small-town atmospheres, but with potential to explode much in the same way as Gaslight Anthem did back in the day. Their melodies should remind you of bands like The Bouncing Souls, American Steel, or even Sharks, but more as a product of a threesome between them than a strict clone of any. Smoking Popes might have popped by for some quick fun as well. And with songs like "The Second Star", "The Glory Bees", and "Backyard Fence Appeal", they have written some of the most captivating punk rock songs you'll hear in 2012. They are down to earth and easily accessible, but never poppy nor forced in their melodies.

One great example is album highlight "The Second Star", whose good clean guitar melodies are only surpassed by a fantastic chorus that, at least for this scribe, was the turning point where I stopped on my tracks on my first listen and decided "well god damn, this is pretty fucking good". And where "Backyard Fence Appeal" is a bit more punk-ish in its tempo, then you have the soulful "A Quiet Stretch of Weather", which has tiny droplets of Springsteen within its melody.

Referencing the golden era of punk rock is one thing, but what Luther really have discovered on this album - and which they have executed in a far superior manner from their decent debut last year - is cross-genre appeal. Their songs jump out of the confines of punk rock and provide enjoyable melodies for the alt rock, the pop rock, even the indie rock fan I'm sure. "Let's Get You Somewhere Else" is therefore an appropriate title if it were referring to punk as a genre in 2012. Excellent stuff.


Download: The Second Star, The Glory Bees, A Quiet Stretch Of Weather
For the fans of: American Steel, Sharks, Smoking Popes, Only Thieves
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Release date 09.10.2012
Chunksaah Records

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