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Something To Hold Onto

Written by: PP on 02/01/2013 22:52:48

It's not too often you hear about punk bands originating from Greece, but Wish Upon A Star are one such group, hailing from Athens. I guess it's also about time for punk rock to flourish in the region considering all the recent political and economic developments out there, but anyway. "Something To Hold Onto" is their debut mini-album (8 tracks and all), and it basically mimics two mainstay movements in punk rock overseas.

The band's instrumentation is like straight off a 90s NOFX release. Loosely played and heavy on ringing, groovy melody, the guitars in particular follow circa "Punk In Drublic" - "White Trash..." era from said band. They opt for two vocalists, switching between a snotty Fat Mike style (where they recall Hit The Switch and Nicotine) as well as a snarly, Gainesville punk type of roars. Not sure which one I prefer, because the former is rather catchy, but the latter has a bit more charisma and roughened awesomeness to it. Whichever the case, they go for laid back sing along type of punk rock that's not really going to surprise you at any turn, but is decent enough nonetheless. Better songwriting is needed though before they'll be able to break out of their national scene and onto the European circuit, and it would help the band tremendously if they were able to translate their influences into a more personal interpretation instead.


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Release date 07.04.2012
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