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One of the genres that are really popular among upcoming bands at the time is metalcore. This subgenre has exploded with so many new acts the latest couple of years, that some see it as a problem. The up-tempo brutal approach with loads of breakdowns seems to be a popular starting point at the time. Some say that the reason for this is to cover up lacking musicianship.

But in this case, the five-piece band from New Zealand called Advocates has just released their new EP "Mindless", which is pretty fine for its genre. The first track "Mindless" slowly escalates from a dark horrific atmosphere to the high-speed metalcore that characterizes the most of the EP throughout the twenty-three minutes spread across the eight songs. There is not any spectacularly new or regulatory changing about this release, but the content is rather good. The riffs are exciting, the drums are tight and the quality of the vocals is consistent and high.

The third track "The Viking" is in my eyes and ears one of the best tracks on "Mindless". The EP is marked by a djent-approach that especially appears on this track. The riff sounds so powerful and aggressive without being extraordinarily complicated. The breakdown in the middle of the track simplifies the riff even more but this simplification just supports the atmosphere of aggression on the track.

The average length increases the tree last tracks from around 2:30 minutes to 3:50. This results in the speed dropping a bit and the sound changes from a combination of metalcore and djent to a more groove-djent metal. This amendment causes the intensity to drop and the quality of the riffs suffers a bit from this. Especially the longest track on the EP "At War With Wolves" seems to struggle with being a longer more varied track rather than focused on quality like the rest of "Mindless".

Overall "Mindless" is not pioneering in any way but the focus in the soundscape and the alternation from metalcore to groove metal actually does work out really well. Despite the change in intensity the other two longer tracks towards the end do sound good and emphasize the aggression and frustration "Mindless" is all about. And in addition, it appears that Advocates' as of yet untitled debut album will be released in the spring, which will be exciting if they are able to pick up where this EP left off.


Download: The Viking, Giants, Deadweight
For The Fans Of: Veil Of Maya, Parkway Drive

Release Date 12.11.2012
Ghost Music

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