The Story So Far EP

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TRC (an acronym for The Revolution Continues) released one of the most vitriolic hardcore albums I have ever heard last year with "Bright Lights"; an album that immediately set itself apart by virtue of its incorporation of spoken word and British hip-hop style vocals to an extraordinarily furious base of metallic hardcore. "The Story So Far" is a continuation of their frustrated worldview, so you should stop reading now if you're expecting any sort of let-up.

Granted, the opening track here, "#TEAMUK", does introduce a previously unheard of symphonic dimension to TRC's sound, but the emphasis is still on the lyrics, which essentially sound like a slightly less eloquent rendition of what you would expect from Verse. TRC are unashamedly pissed off at everything and everyone, and make no attempt at sugarcoating their perspectives; they are delivered without mercy or remorse by the band's two vocalists Chris Robson and Anthony Carroll, one with the aforementioned spoken word/British hip-hop style, the other with an absolutely ferocious scream that seems to be something of a trademark of UK hardcore (see A Textbook Tragedy, Last Witness, etc.).

As such - with the exception of "#TEAMUK", the tracks follow a fairly basic formula of punching the listener in the face with one barrage of crushing, metallic hardcore after the other, made special by the unusual vocal styles employed. The brilliant "London's Greatest Love Story", which was the clear highlight on "Bright Light", recurs here and sounds as staggering as ever. It blows the rather mundane story of a triangle drama into epic proportions, with the protagonist venting all his anger and frustration regarding the situation over a highly melodic, textured and progressive instrumental foundation that continues to serve as a shining example of how TRC differ from most other hardcore bands by a long stretch.

Most of the remaining material here is much less extraordinary, however, but if you did enjoy the unprecedented brutality of "Bright Lights", then songs like "Heartless", "Bastard" and "Diamonds from the Smoke" are likely to go down just as well - they are the perfect companions to your next rage fit. In order to fully enjoy TRC's music, however, I'd recommend checking it out with the lyric-booklet in your hands, as it is in that domain where most of TRC's merits are exposed.


Download: #TEAMUK, Heartless, London's Greatest Love Story
For the fans of: Brutality Will Prevail, Last Witness, Verse
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Release date 23.10.2012
Siege of Amida Records

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