Memory Hole EP

Written by: AP on 30/12/2012 19:42:05

Since the band's inception in 2010, Mediocracy have kept busy, releasing two studio albums and this EP "Memory Hole" in as many years. The band, signed to Asiluum Arts, hails from the Romanian capital Bucharest - a source that rarely produces bands capable of climbing toward international exposure. There are exceptions of course, such as Dordeduh and Negură Bunget, but for me personally this release marks the first time I've heard a Romanian band delve into the crust, sludge and thrash genres.

They do so with intent and purpose, drawing instant parallels to the Swedish and Finnish legends of the crust/d-beat scene, Disfear and Unkind, with opener "Your Reflection"; a furiously paced, galloping discharge of melody that provides the only real highlight of the EP's 10-minute running length. The song is a successful mixture of punk and metal, concluding in a flurry of excellent riffs and solos whilst not slowing down for even an instant during its 3½ minutes of airtime. The following "Arrows" is even more ferocious in its rhythmic outlook, but despite the slight tinge of variety added by a brief, calmer mid-section with a few patiently chugged chords, it's not quite as enticing as its predecessor - and the same is true of the most ambitious pick of the three, "Silent Cries". In the context of Mediocracy's chosen style, this conclusive piece is rather experimental, toying around with odd rhythm dynamics and even adding some notion of a crescendo. Admittedly the ominous, tremolo-backed dirge that begins halfway and drives the song to its conclusion, shows tremendous promise, showcasing a band obviously capable of penning a solid tune.

But in general, the three tracks on offer here do not make enough of an impact on their own to mark Mediocracy as an exciting prospect in the European metal scene. "Your Reflection" is a solid single for fans of crust and d-beat, and although the other two tracks on the EP have their moments as well, they have a tendency to feel a little unambitious, anonymous even.


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For the fans of: Disfear, Unkind, Wolfbrigade
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Release date 22.03.2012
Asiluum Arts

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