No Turning Back

No Regrets

Written by: PP on 30/12/2012 17:46:55

Oh yeah, get your camo-shorts on, you're in for a two-step friendly ride of violent, down-tuned hardcore with a Serious Fucking Business (tm) message prevalent throughout the record. No Turning Back, who originate from Holland, basically play the down-trodden, crunchy form of hardcore originating from the streets of New York in perfect textbook manner on their seventh album "No Regrets". That's right folks, these boys have been pumping fists and inciting aggressive pits for almost fifteen years now in the European underground, and have in the process garnered a decent amount of respect and hype around then.

Whether it's Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Risk It!, Lionheart, or Madball you normally look at for your testosterone kick of cliché frustration at the world, No Turning Back are as good a choice as any on "No Regrets", which their fans are claiming to be their best album to date. It's tightly played, features a ton of two-step friendly sections, and pseudo-inspirational messages (song titles like "Never Understand", "Rise Up", "Envy", "Stand & Fight" should give it away immediately what kind of release this is). It's relentlessly aggressive and designed to be played live, so even though the record suffers from the classic Terror problem of sounding rather monotonous song after song, it's going to be a blast in a packed venue with stage dives and all that stuff.

However, as its title "No Regrets" implies, that's not an issue for No Turning Back here whose only mission has been to create an in-your-face hardcore record played at punk rock speeds and with violent bursts of hardcore energy in between. It'll win over all the hardcore enthusiasts but not much more than that, but perhaps more importantly, it carries the badge of European hardcore proudly on its sleeve.


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For the fans of: Terror, Risk It!, Trapped Under Ice, Lionheart, Madball
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Release date 12.10.2012
Take Control Records

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