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Written by: TL on 30/12/2012 16:00:34

Pardon me for making a comparison that has nothing to do with what the bands sound like, but Veto are Denmark's Muse. Over their first three albums they have consistently proven coolness and integrity beyond reproach, and while they're a household name in the domestic music scene, they've always insisted on pushing the envelope of their electro-rock sound, so that much like Muse, we can usually expect two or three memorable singles pr. album from them, while the rest of their records are normally spent experimenting with moods and movements that are a little harder to access, yet offer curious details for more persistent fans.

Their most recent output is the "Sinus" EP from September this year - their first EP since their 2006 debut "I Will Not Listen". The fact that they're releasing an EP tells me more than anything, that Veto are more interested than ever in exploring the depths of their soundscape, rather than worrying about coming up with singles for their widest audience (after all, we all know that the radio-crowd are oblivious to the existence of EP's).

Remarking that Veto are a pretty headstrong band like that however, is not the same as saying that they're not fascinated with trends, as the bassy wobble that puts its signature on opener proper "Upwards" - after ambient intro "Bowls" - is hardly a surprising inclusion considering how 2012 has been 'The Year Of Dubstep'. While I'm sure plenty of rock listeners will be sharpening their pitchforks at the mere mentioning of this, I do actually think it works reasonably well for the song.

That Veto know how to work their beats and the low end of the soundscape is nothing new however - those traits, combined with frontman Troels Abrahamsen's charismatic vocals, are the main reasons for their continuing allure after all. What's really interests me is hearing how the band is doing in the brighter and more melodic departments, which I think have often been a bit neglected in the cool gloom of their soundscape. "Four To The Floor" and "Spears" have more to offer in that aspect then, with the former having an unusually rich and positive arrangement of effects going on and the latter seeing Veto build to the rare sort of stormy climax that has powered earlier highlights like "From A To B" - establishing the kind of dynamics that I sort of wish Veto would be shameless enough to extort some more.

"Sinus" then, is another logical step in Veto's progression, yet one that comes without the usual couple of singles, rather opting to cater to the more dedicated among the band's fans. Maybe that makes them more like Denmark's Radiohead than Denmark's Muse? Whatever the case, it's really just another cool, curious listen, troubled by the longevity and accessibility issues that comes naturally when a band is stubbornly refusing to go by any of the classical ways to writing catchy songs.


Download: Spears, Four To The Floor, Upwards
For The Fans Of: Spleen United, The Maccabees, White Lies, Depeche Mode, Radiohead

Release Date 03.09.2012
RCA / Sony Music

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