Lasse Matthiessen

Dead Man Waltz

Written by: PP on 29/12/2012 18:39:35

Lasse Matthiessen is a singer/songwriter from Denmark who splits time between Copenhagen and Berlin apparently. He's the latest artist to source his inspiration from folksy sounds and thus joins the modern wave of singer/songwriters that we're currently bombarded with such as Bon Iver, Jack Johnson, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Andrew Bird among many, many others.

"Dead Man Waltz" isn't much different from any of the names I just mentioned in that it relies on harmonica, violin, and mostly relaxed acoustic guitar strumming as subtle backing to Lasse's smooth and flawless voice. Classical piano, accordion, saxophone, vibraphone, tuba, and organ make an appearance too. Bob Dylan is being channelled on numerous songs as well, so what do you know, you have pretty much a prototypical singer/songwriter release on your hands.

However, Lasse Matthiessen is good at his trade, so although his arrangements aren't from the most interesting end of the style and instead reach towards bigger indie-flavored sound in many places, he still manages to write easily accessible, and most importantly, easily enjoyable tracks that don't stray far away from the core principles of the genre.


Download: This City, Black Queen
For the fans of: Jack Johnson, Andrew Bird, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen
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Release date 01.09.2012
Solaris Empire / Zpektakel

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