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Pictures Of A Floating World

Written by: PP on 29/12/2012 17:00:46

Do you ever wonder why there are so few bands in existence like Thrice? I'll tell you why. Post-hardcore in itself might not be a particularly challenging genre (hence bands in it are in abundance), but as soon as you begin experimenting with the style, it suddenly becomes very difficult. Adding layers upon layers of depth and meaningful instrumentation into a stale genre takes particular talent from songwriters in order to be successful. Silver Snakes from Los Angeles have risen up to the task though on their latest album "Pictures Of A Floating World", which references Thrice circa "Beggars"-era with nuances of influence from both Sparta and Quicksand evident in the soundscape as well.

Vocalist Alex Estrada employs similarly emotionally charged, yet slightly coarse vocals as Dustin Kensrue (Thrice), which means his delivery alone adds depth to the songs. His extended croons explore the complete octave available at his range, so he's capable of both majestic clean singing as well as poking at the scream border during the louder and more passionate sections. At the same time, the instrumentation is focused on experimenting heavily with post-hardcore, often resulting in lengthy buildups and plenty of curvature in the riff department. Ambience and atmosphere is deliberately used to create a sense of intellectualism to the sound (as Thrice so masterfully does), so for anyone looking for a quick fix of catchy songs will have to look elsewhere as these songs are growers by their nature.

Overall "Pictures Of A Floating World" is an interesting album that emulates Thrice's ambitious soundscapes to reasonable success, but in the end I feel like the songwriting is still lacking something that'd push it from being decent into being special. It's difficult to shake off the Thrice comparison throughout the record, and when the contrast is so direct, Silver Snakes immediately feel a little less impressive aside from a few highlight tracks.

Download: Act 1: Sevilla The Soothsayer, Act 2: An Evolution In Movement, Lungs And Lanters
For the fans of: Thrice, Sparta, Sainthood Reps
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Release date 24.07.2012
Animal Style Records

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