Infernal Rock 'n Roll

Written by: EW on 27/12/2012 22:18:34

This debut demo released last year by Israel's Promiscuity is a rough n' ready 11 minute punky blast of black/thrash that despite it's obvious limitations in performance and production is a more interesting listen than would probably have been expected. The title track begins with a sample of the classic "Rock Around the Clock" Bill Haley tune before breaking into heavily distorted guitars, a simple 4/4 drumbeat and a fairly typical raspy vocal style well and truly signalling the mutation of Haley's rock n' roll into this infernal hellish variation. I can only wonder what Haley would think of this from his grave.

Their Venom-influenced take on the black/thrash formula recalls the goofy shenanigans of Heretic's "Praising Satan" as follower "Crime and Punishment" rolls by with a pleasing, if standard rhythm that is broken by the deathly vocals of the chorus and a distinctly rock n' roll flavoured solo which is easily the defining aspect of the track for anyone in the search for a unique quality to the song. Closer "Gybenhinnom" follows the same pattern, mixing a very steady drumbeat with a punky rhythm that gets me nodding along every time to it's simple effectiveness - some guarantee of appreciation if nothing else. Given the under-produced nature of the three tracks, which suggest the band recorded together in a room and released the outcome, and basic song structures to all three, Promiscuity are much more of the Venom end of the black/thrash spectrum than a more developed act like Aura Noir or Nifelheim but a welcoming one too. Too little to make valued judgements from and nothing to suggest greatness before us but as a demo to release and share among a local scene this should do fine for Promiscuity.


Download: Infernal Rock ‘n’ Roll
For The Fans Of: Venom, Heretic, Nifelheim
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date: 2011
Israhellbanger Records

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