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Lovesick, Heartbroken Or Somewhere In Between

Written by: TL on 22/02/2007 02:02:36

Todays' review features the debuting pop punk outfit Everyday Tragedy's album "Lovesick, Heartbroken Or Somewhere In Between", and let me tell you, if you don't feel like reading an entire review with me desperately trying to utilize empty arguments in an attempt to say something clever about an album that's so mediocre I could have stated it in a shorter paragraph than this introduction will end up becoming, just take my word for it, skip to the grade, and get on with your life.

I know this is a harsh way to begin an interview, but to be honest, I don't even feel like wasting time on writing it myself. Everyday Tragedy sound exactly like the idea that forms in your head when you think the words "generic poppunk". Attempts at catchy riffage will initiate a song that'll seem like it's not really going anywhere, until the attemps at catchy choruses kick in, backed by a severe overuse of powerchords. Some songs work better than others, like "One For The Money" or the opening "Fall In Love", but even then, both of those songs are totally forgettable and the rest of the record is even more so.

It's not because what the guys are doing is so bad, it's just totally void of edge. It doesn't have the mood of Fastlane, the naive charm of New Found Glory or the sarcastic wit of Fall Out Boy (or any of the other Decaydance bands). If it only had a gimmick like Yellowcard or Zebrahead, there might have been something for me to write about, but that's not even there. This band just seems like it's one big blurred mirrored image of all these bands, without reaching higher than the knees on any of them.

I'm at a point, where I'd seriously wish that this band would have at least had the decency to suck so bad that I could sit here and rant about them for hours, and then stick them with a terrible grade, point at them and go "MWAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA". I'm at a point where I'm thinking that maybe being boring should be degraded more than being horrible. It's just not good stuff when I feel like I've listened to the albums a gazillion times, and I still only vaguely remember the sound of two or three songs. I'm sorry guys, but I'm gonna have to tell the readers to avoid this, and you've got to do a hell of a lot better on your sophomore. I could honestly have reviewed this album just as accurately like this


Download: Fall In Love, One For The Money, Spellcheck Your Suicide Letter
For the fans of: Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory
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Release Date 18.12.2006
The Agency Records

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