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A Place To Stay

Written by: PP on 26/12/2012 21:09:42

Aside from their funky name, what do Pedals On Our Pirate Ships have going for them on their new album "A Place To Stay"? Shaky production and songs played a little too loosely for my liking aside, their arsenal consists of laid back punk with folksy vibes and quirky synths that sound like they were taken directly off a vintage Motion City Soundtrack/Four Year Strong album. The singer sounds a great deal like Ulrich from our local no-frills pop punkers The 20Belows, and in fact their overall sound can best be summed up as a no-frills pop punk sound taken to a folk direction with some weirdo synths laid on top.

On occasion, the male singer is backed by a female one, which will inevitably remind you of Mixtapes and the legions of bands who have surfaced after them. It's an OK dynamic, but like much else on the album, it's not much better than OK. The synths, for instance, will be a difficult obstacle to get by for most because of how odd they sound laid on top of this type of punk, at least initially. The production, like I mentioned before, needs much work, and I suppose that's why there's a perceived lack of tightness in the instrumentation throughout the whole album.

A couple of catchy songs with unusual lyrics, interesting choice of synth, female/male dynamic. That just about sums up "A Place To Stay". They need some time in a proper recording studio before it'll be worthwhile though, so let's see what they come up with for their next record.


Download: Lightning Rods, Sweet Tragedies
For the fans of: The 20Belows, no frills pop punk with folk/synth sounds

Release date 17.07.2012
Say-10 Records

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