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Despite what their name and their murky artwork might suggest, Bathurst are not a metal band. In fact, they are the opposite: they play Midwestern style punk rock drenched in happy melodies and roughened vocal delivery, one that lends itself perfectly to the sort of basement style sing/shout-alongs celebrated by Red City Radio as well as to the no-frills punk rock joys of Banner Pilot. We've listened to plenty of bands fitting just that description in the past, and truth be told, Bathurst is no different from the Iron Chics, Nightlights OR Spraynards out there.

But then again, they don't need to be, because this Toronto bunch have written an album's worth of super-catchy melodic punk songs here on their self-titled record. These are sweaty, sing-along type of basement punk songs that'll induce passionate sing alongs if for no other reason than the roughened vocal delivery that balances raw and melodic nicely together. It's an edgy sound that's mostly delivered at a high tempo and with solid energy, and of course with the distinct Midwestern sprinkle to the guitar tone giving the sound its melodic ring. It's uplifting and optimistic, without necessarily ever leaving its intimate surroundings, which is a good thing, because it's rare to hear an album like this sound better with a bigger and more expansive soundscape.

The ten songs pass by quickly, but they leave a lasting impression thanks to a great vocal/guitar interplay and the characteristically raw and passionate style of their vocalist. Could this be the best release in its sub-genre this year?


Download: Weekend, Hangover, Seventeen, Last Call
For the fans of: Red City Radio, Iron Chic, Banner Pilot, The Flatliners, Spraynard
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Release date 13.08.2012
Safehaven Records

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