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Written by: PP on 24/12/2012 15:19:49

Shining Through are a band of many sounds based on their latest EP "Stripes", where they traverse through pure emo, indie-flavored alternative rock, and even pop punk to an extent in a weird concatenation of genres that works out well in the end. Opening track "Fuse", for instance, sounds a little bit like classic Coheed & Cambria from their first two albums, with halfway screamed vocal melodies supported by high-pitch guitar melodies and emo esque clean singing. It's an instantly catchy song because of its energy (i.e. less proggy than Co&Ca), but then already on the next song they tone it down volume wise and move into Say Anything style indie-emo instead. It's still extremely catchy in its own quirky way, thanks to a refreshing sound that doesn't sound similar to too many bands today.

For the remainder of the EP, Shining Through execute a high-pitch lead guitar melody to lift the songs in their soundscape, with vocal style varying between the more laid-back Say Anything style and a louder/more aggressive one that's used to a lesser extent. The first three songs are all catchy, but then the band makes what is in my opinion a mistake and adds two balladic tracks with acoustic guitars as the primary instruments. While these are OK, they are nowhere near as catchy or memorable as the first three songs, and as such you're leaving the EP in slight disappointment, especially in contrast to the powerful opener I mentioned earlier. There's potential here, but Shining Through need to find consistency before they'll have a breakthrough. Hopefully that'll mean more tracks like "The Fuse" and "Bad Man's Game".

Download: Fuse, Bad Man's Game
For the fans of: Say Anything, Coheed & Cambria, Saves The Day
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Release date 24.07.2012
Authentik Artists

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