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Birdfeeder EP

Written by: TL on 24/12/2012 14:04:53

If two is a tendency, then it seems I'm spending Christmas afternoon reviewing early EP's released by small American bands around half a year ago. "Birdfeeder" is one such record, released by South Carolina trio Big Awesome some time back in March. And in honest, I don't know how much more I can say about it other than it sounds like Everyone Everywhere and maybe By Surprise and otherwise mostly like a number of small bands that were only around long enough to put out one album (Scream Hello and Only Thunder for instance). The style is the type of dorky indie-punk that most recognise from the quirky clean guitar melodies which appear like simplified versions of the kind of sound you'd expect from post- or math-rock bands.

Slap a slightly slurred, typical punk-rock vocal on top, and you have yourself four songs on the type of release that says: "hey, we're a new band and at the moment we just want to try to add our influences up into some decent songs, so we can play shows and worry about such things as strength of band identity later". It's sort of a dull way to describe it I know, and it is unfair, because just like the similar bands I've mentioned, Big Awesome has a friendly sound that it's really hard not to like and enjoy. Like many a young band, they just haven't refined it into songs that are particularly focused or memorable yet. "Living With Love" is catchy in a simple way, but hardly enough to stick to you for long, if you lead a life constantly on the prowl for new bands, and you likely do if you've discovered such a small scale band as this one to begin with. Conclusion: This is likeable guys, but if you want a more in depth review and a grade more out of the ordinary, I recommend flashing a little more focus and ambition on the next record.


Download: Living With Love
For The Fans Of: Everyone Everywhere, By Surprise, Only Thunder, Scream Hello

Release Date 27.04.2012

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