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Strength Vs Will

Written by: TL on 24/12/2012 13:40:18

"Strength Vs Will" is the second EP from little known American pop-punk outfit Save Ends, a band that is in fact so little known, I can't really seem to come up with anything interesting to lead into this review with. The EP has five songs on it, the band play's pop-rock/pop-punk with piano and boy/girl vocal exchanges to spice things up, and judging from the sound of "Strength Vs Will" and from the band having fewer facebook fans than (always a clear sign of obscurity), I'd go ahead and say that this is still a band that appears rather young. The mood of the music is wide-eyed and sentimental, with the female vocals doing the most to separate the band from the mainstay of the pop-punk scene, sounding rather nasal compared to your usual Hayley Williams soundalikes, giving me sort of a 'female Chris Conley' vibe.

As for the male vocals and the conventional guitar/bass/drums setup, things are business as usual although the band leans slightly towards Mae's warm and enchanting take on the genre. It's all rather sweet and endearing, although the vocals would benefit from just a tad more roundness and maturity on occassion (as they can otherwise get a little grating), yet the main hindrance for "Strength Vs Will" is that it's an unsticky record in a genre where stickyness is everything. Songs like "Time And Tarnish" and "Resurrection Hub" (and I guess also "Settling Here") have some moderately catchy parts, but not really the necessary 'you'll be hearing this in your mind all week' quality that you're looking for in a pop-suffix band. The good news is that you get the feeling that the band is still developing, and that it might just be a matter of time before they come up with better production and stronger compositions. For now though, this has charm but not much longevity in my opinion, but do consider it if you're as intrigued by male/female vocal combinations as I am.


Download: Time And Tarnish, Resurrection Hub
For The Fans Of: We Are The In Crowd, The Narrative, Arrows Over Athens

Release Date 27.05.2012

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