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Written by: PP on 21/12/2012 19:44:00

A couple of years have passed since the previous missile of rage sent to our direction by Trash Talk, but the band are still facing exactly the same problems as before on their fourth album "119". A monotonous, one-tone assault of hardcore punk with next to no variation and few memorable points, they are still unable to capture their explosive live presence on record in the form of interesting songs. Having a remorseless stance and a strong will to tear apart anything and everything in front of them is one thing, but delivering the same in the form of a good songs is much more difficult. That's the primary issue with Trash Talk here just as it has always been throughout their career.

"119" otherwise opens with a strong moment where vocalist Lee Spielman spits out the venomous question "ARE YOU BORED OF YOUR BOREDOM" from the top of his razor-sharp lungs in a song that falls firmly into hardcore punk territory given its lighting speed tempo. "Exile On Broadway" then follows with equally aggressive tempo and crushing energy for good measure. Later, "Reasons" slows things down to a more reasonable pace where Spielman opens up the soundscape a little more than usual as a consequence of having more space around him all of a sudden. But here's where it falls apart. While a decent song in itself, it falls regrettably short of the benchmarks in hardcore even in this year alone. Few songs (if any) on "119" are capable of competing against bands of similar standing or even ones below their career point, which is eventually going to come back biting the band once their live show calms down with age somewhat.

The thing is, Trash Talk will always have my respect because bands displaying a show as ferocious as them every night are few and far in between. But from an objective perspective, their music just isn't particularly interesting nor grabbing in any conventional definitions of the word. And when compared to the truly chaotic and mesmerizing bands like Converge or The Chariot, they don't really hold up in the unconventional definitions either. "119" is more of the same dumbed-down hardcore they have been putting out since 2005 without any evidence of progress in the songwriting department.


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For the fans of: Cancer Bats, Trap Them
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Release date 09.10.2012
Odd Future Records / Trash Talk Collective

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