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Dig In EP

Written by: TL on 19/12/2012 21:04:44

Only On Weekends is probably one of the more well-chosen bandnames in existance, because as soon as you hear this New Jersey quartet, it's hard to not immediately imagine that they are indeed only a band during the weekends. The extremely low-fi recording of both their new EP "Dig In" and the preceding album "Only On Weekends" is just too dodgy for anything else, but given that they have been together for 10 years you've got to figure that the quirky grassroots sound is an intentional choice on their behalf. So you get buzzing pop-punk instrumentation, keyboards that sound like they were bought in the local toystore and boy/girl vocals that sound all emo and insecure.

It's still not a marvel of production, it's still not all that original and yet it's still pretty charming because the band at least know their way around catchy tunes and simple pop-punk elements. So while opener "Loose Lips Sink Ships" sounds a little too amateurish (intentionally or not) for my taste, mid cuts "Drugs" and "Sleeping Dogs Lie (and You're No Exception)" are just too instantly catchy to not spark moderate enjoyment right off the bat. Despite the easy charm and endearing sincerity of such songs however (and of artwork that looks like it was mostly drawn on a notepad during a high school class), "Dig In" is not the type of release that lends itself to a particularly elaborate review, unless you have some sort of nostalgic, romantic crush on this type of sound. If you do, don't hesitate to enjoy this. Just excuse me if I reservedly call it "enjoyable for what it is" and don't exactly line it up for "EP of the Year" honours.


Download: Drugs, Sleeping Dogs Lie (and You're No Exception)
For The Fans Of: garage emo-punk/pop-punk of the kind that's unlikely to be played in larger venues than basements/living rooms/local bars

Release Date 07.07.2012

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