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Written by: BV on 18/12/2012 22:45:35

Firecrotch is an energetic rock outfit hailing from Denmark. The focus of the band is on variety and odd soundscapes with ambitions that clearly steer towards the term “stadium rock”. However, focused on that point, as they are, they are just not there yet according to my reactions towards this 4-song EP, or Demo as they have labeled it.

The EP boasts incredibly tight musicianship, as displayed on the opening track “Get Bad”, with its delay-driven rhythm guitar, reminiscent of U2, and the driving rhythm-section of the bass and drums subtly complementing the guitar. However, my initial reaction to the vocals on this track was that they needed work - not necessarily a lot, but some. This is mostly due to the fact that the vocals sound awfully forced, in a setting where they should be confident, strong, and most of all polished. And by polished, I don’t mean auto-tuned or anything like that. But they should match the overall expression of the track - and the track expresses confidence, to my ears at least.

My issue with the vocals is a more or less a recurring theme on the rest of the EP, with the exception of the track “Life Safari Landscape”, where the vocals fit far better in the overall mix and soundscape. My excitement for the delay-driven guitar is further stimulated as well, so to say, throughout the four tracks. So, in spite of the variation throughout the four tracks, there is a recurring sound on the EP constantly reassuring me of the fact that I am currently listening to Firecrotch. In my opinion, this is a cool thing to accomplish since it helps distinguish the tracks, and perhaps make a lasting impression. This is, after all, how a hit becomes a hit.

While not really there yet in terms of producing hits, Firecrotch certainly shows promise in that direction with the sheer catchiness of their tracks. Were it not for the vocal struggles, they would be a hell of a lot closer to producing hit-like material. So what else is left to say? Well, Firecrotch has a good thing going for them, showing real promise throughout the EP, and in due time, if they keep working at it and focus on their weaker sides, I firmly believe they will become a far more known act. All in good time though, as there is still quite a way to go.


Download: Life Safari Landscape, Get Bad
For The Fans Of: U2, Angels & Airwaves
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Release Date ??.11.2012

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