Worlds Without Wires EP

Written by: PP on 18/12/2012 21:43:08

The problem with Mortdelamer and their new EP "Worlds Within Wires" is eerily clear from the first five seconds of vocalist Clair Sutton opening her mouth to sing: she's like the Kirsten Stewart of female vocalists, delivering an emotionless and inescapably bland performance that lacks any and every element of charisma needed for even moderate success. Although she's more interesting than the gazillion female vocalists in gothic rock/metal out there, she's that only marginally, and delivers more cringeworthy moments of whiny and awful that I care to listen to on a single EP's worth of songs.

Meanwhile, the instrumentation tries to pass itself for some kind of crunchy alternative rock, but in reality is not much better than your typical previously nu-metal - nowadays hard rock band out there, even with the occasional theatrical moments the band drop into the mix that sound like C-sides of a Chiodos demo. They have a few passages - most notably on "The Hide" - that sound like Muse emulation, but it's clear that Mortdelamer are nowhere near as talented of a band, so when they try to pull it off, it just sounds sad in comparison.

In short, the instrumentals are just as boring as the singing throughout the album, which stands for delivering not a single memorable moment throughout the EP. The taste left in your mouth once "Worlds Within Wires" finishes is one of bland nothingness, just like the feeling after you had a glass of water even though you weren't particularly thirsty for water in the first place: instantly forgettable.

Download: I've Got My Backbone
For the fans of: generic nu-metallish alternative rock
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Release date 01.10.2012

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