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Scatter The Ashes

Written by: PP on 17/12/2012 23:22:17

Funnily enough, I always assumed Brutality Will Prevail to be a generic deathcore band based on their name alone, but it turns out they've got nothing to do with deathcore, and specialize in brutalized metallic hardcore instead. They toy extensively with varying tempos in the same song, often shifting from the uncompromising, relentless hardcore pounding and yelling into gloomy and misanthropic passages of raw hardcore atmosphere several times a song. Two-step/karate friendly sections are aplenty on "Scatter The Ashes", which'll make any BWP show a nightmare surely (just the last 45-60 seconds of "Casket" alone are cringeworthy) unless you're into that sort of thing.

That said, you have to give credit where credit is due. Their vocalist is one fiery son-of-a-bitch, with a coarse style that should remind you of both Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) as well as Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats), although musically the band finds itself in far murkier and doom-laden territories than either band. Much of this is brought by the aforementioned slow rhythms, which give their sound some room to breathe and to expand, and it is surprisingly this factor that makes Brutality Will Prevail sound so goddamn heavy and aggressive. The extended space available makes their vocalist's already ferocious delivery just that much stronger and more aggressive.

Still, I'm left with a bit of an empty feeling listening to "Scatter The Ashes". It's a decent record, and you have to admire its desire to experiment in the realm of hardcore, but it's not very memorable overall.

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For the fans of: Broken Teeth, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die
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Release date 12.11.2012
Purgatory Records

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