Organized Faults

Written by: ASH on 18/02/2007 10:45:02

An EP! Now that's a refreshing addition to an album reviewer's time consuming bundle of new releases, especially when it includes Danish electro rock and only consists of five standard length tracks. Not that I'm going to say anything bad about Spock's Beard, not at all, but after that album, an EP is simply a gift from above. Thanks Volvoe, now let's get started.

The birth of Volvoe can be traced all the way back to the pre-millenium, starting out as a Copenhagen duo with ambitious dreams of establishing a solid name in both national and international scenes, with the goal of opening the eyes of humanity to the world of Danish eletro rock. Quite interesting isn't it? Undoubtedly, vocalist Anders Busk Faarborg and co. should not be persuaded to sway from their vision, since "Organized Faults", even while being only an EP, has the quality of a good full length album. The doubt one may initially have gets obiliterated as the stylish drumming of Andreas Christensen kicks in after some pleasant synthing of Thomas Blæsbjerg in the welcoming track "Organized Faults". This is followed by Mikkel Johansens raw and throttling guitar riffs along with Faarborgs harsh voice, allowing the lyrics to be pumped out in a steady pace until they disappear to make way for a simple, but perfectly matching guitar solo. However, the lyrics of "Organized Faults" may seem a bit repetitive like: "...Organized faults, it's your organized faults, organized faults, organized faults, faults that get organized, get it, get it..."

I get it! Enough already! Nevertheless, "Organized Faults" accomplishes its mission to intimidate the listener into craving the upcoming tracks, especially the second track "Snowscape" and the fabulous ending track "These Moments". So without any further ado, forget Carpark North, and start migrating to the sound of Volvoe. Even though "Organized Faults EP" has some minor lyrical drawbacks and lacks a little explosive power, it is a very interesting EP by a band, who I would personally like to see release a full length album in the near future. And by the way, I'll see you at Roskilde, right?


Download: Organized Faults, Snowscape, These Moments
For the fans of: Carpark North, Veto
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Release date 01.01.2007

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