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State Lines EP

Written by: TL on 10/12/2012 19:49:52

So here's a disc that lends itself well to a quick write-up. I swear there was a band around ten years ago that sounded exactly like Long Island quartet State Lines (actually there were probably many), whose self-titled EP have been lying around waiting for a review here for long enough time for me to be slightly ashamed of myself. It could be the low-fi production (or lack thereof) or it could be the scratched emo vocals that sound like vintage Sunny Day Real Estate or The Get Up Kids, and in fact I could probably be thinking of any of those bands, but I just feel like there's something else as well, just waiting at the tip of my tongue.

The point is however, that for anyone who was into the fuzzy indie/emo/punk from the days when emos wore pullovers and looked dorky more than glam, this EP is going to feel like seeing the face of someone you used to know, feeling that prick of recognition yet still not quite knowing who the person is. It's a time machine record so to speak, because with the buzzing chords in the fronts, the quirky leads in the back and the strained vocals in between, this sounds not so much like it was inspired by year 2000 as it sounds like it was actually recorded in 2000.

This has its advantage I suppose, in really conjuring up the nostalgic retro vibe and in lending State Lines some integrity, but to be honest, it does not help them answer questions that seem pressing: What is this band's own personality, and what are they doing with this sound in 2012 that means we should listen to them rather than go back and listen to the band's of then? I find that these are fair questions to ask, if for no other reason then to help the band develop, but that said and done, this current output is still endearing, and songs like "5's On The Elephant" and "Cave In" win on repeat listens. I'm just not sure they'll warrant more of the same vague recognition if I hear them playing in a year or so.

Download: 5's On The Elephant, Cave In
For The Fans Of: Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, Tigers Jaw, Cloud Nothings

Release Date 26.06.2012
Tiny Engines

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