Hills Of Elysium

This Lost Generation

Written by: PP on 10/12/2012 17:20:07

Hills of Elysium are a female fronted nu metal outfit from Seattle, who've got very little going for themselves other than the two/three/five (depending on what you're into) pretty faces posing in their promo pictures. Their musical style is a bizarre combination of nu-metal, post-hardcore, and alternative rock, that sounds like someone accidentally filled up the washing machine with metal objects instead of clothes. It sounds horrible in every way you look at it, with the worst of all genres stuffed together into an incompatible musical platform that borrows from Marilyn Manson and Opeth in one passage, and from generic lo-fi produced post-hardcore in the next, without a real red thread in between.

Then there's the issue of the vocals. They are horrific. The clean vocals are off-tune and annoying to say the least, and the screams are so terrible it really hurts to listen to this album. It's hard to get past a single song on the album without wondering why someone else in the band isn't taking over in this department. Unfortunately, the rest of the band doesn't do much better on their instruments. Terribly generic and without any hooks, the music presented here is sub-standard and uninteresting. There are few (if any) redeeming points present, so it's pointless to dissect where the album goes wrong when everything has gone wrong before they even entered the studio in the first place (where the production is far below standards even for a self-production. Pro Tools guys, use them). The band needs to take a serious look in the mirror and re-evaluate whether this project should be considered as anything else than a hobby on the side of more serious activities, because as of "This Lost Generation", I have tremendous difficulty seeing any potential in this unit whatsoever.

Download: Louder, This Lost Generation
For the fans of: Otep, Human Waste Project, Marilyn Manson if he was female
Listen: Reverbnation

Release date 03.07.2012

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