Dark Desolation

Blasphemous Pestilence EP

Written by: PP on 06/12/2012 21:26:11

Just when the temperatures are starting to drop below sub-zero temperatures here in Scandinavia and the omnipresent darkness shortens the daylight periods significantly, a solid piece of black metal will always do well in the mind of any metal oriented listener. Dark Desolation, who hail from India out of all places (once again proving the permeating nature of metal regardless of culture or nation), provide a perfect backdrop for that context with their debut EP "Blasphemous Pestilence".

We're dealing with a particularly blasphemous area of the genre here, with ugly shrieks and relentless rapid-fire drumming dominating the soundscape alongside some evil tremolo shredding that simply oozes of evil and darkness. Positivity and optimism have been mercilessly drained from a sound that's as cold as the pavement stone outside at this very hour, a thick, uncompromising black metal onslaught that stays faithful to the genre mechanics, sadly, as I was looking forward to getting a cultural twist to the traditional Dark Funeral formula on this EP (whose track "Secrets Of The Black Arts" is also covered as the last song on the EP). That's not in the menu for tonight, however, Dark Desolation demonstrate that you don't need to be from Norway to play evil black metal well. The riffs are solid, albeit not necessarily flashy, and the low-key production enables the blackened atmosphere. It's no classic, but an intriguing piece nonetheless that BM fans ought to be checking out.


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Release date 22.07.2012
Salute Records

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