Kill The Conversation

Farewell For The Last Time EP

Written by: PP on 06/12/2012 21:13:55

Kill The Conversation are from the more brutalized corner of metalcore, following firmly in the footsteps of fellow British metalcore unit Bring Me The Horizon in integrating a healthy dose of deathcore into their otherwise by-the-books metalcore sound on debut EP "Farewell For The Last Time". Or perhaps an unhealthy dose is a better phrase to use here, because the increased brutality level and purposefully down-tuned guitars do no favours for the band here, quite the opposite.

It doesn't take long for the band to stumble on the first couple of metalcore/deathcore clichés, but their biggest problem is their utter lack of identity. No matter how many listens I give this record it isn't moving past the 'meh, standard' phase, and that's because the songs never move above the 'decent' category. It's the same low-end chugging with a few melodic leads to spice things up, and harsh screams/shrieks on top (think Zao here). The songs are bland and uninspiring, lack proper riffs or melodies to latch onto the listener properly, or simply put, they are just boring. While technically alright, the band forgets that a metalcore or a deathcore song isn't just about being brutal and being able to play your instruments well, or even decent production. It's about solid riffs, memorable vocal lines, and other intangibles that this record simply doesn't have. It's the kind of release that reminds us how saturated the metalcore scene can be when you really delve into the smaller bands in the scene.


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Release date 04.09.2012

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