These Minutes

Written by: PP on 04/12/2012 22:50:17

High Wycombe, UK-based Lakes have been on the receiving end of a reasonable amount of hype in the UK for their brand of ambient, atmospheric hardcore on debut album "These Minutes". Piano/synth-backed fragile melodies meet roaring hardcore vocals and ambient guitars in what sounds almost like the As I Lay Dying debut album "Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes", that is, if its soundscapes had been expanded in all directions and left afloat in a sea of atmosphere instead.

They draw their influence from the likes of Misery Signals and Dead Hearts, both bands which focused more on slowly building up depth-based music consisting of long-lasting atmospheres and back-chillingly beautiful climaxes rather than instant gratification through a catchy shouted-out chorus or a killer riff. "Columns", the seven minute centerpiece of "These Minutes", is a perfect example of this, where a heavy rhythm section allows for the melodic lead guitar to build beautiful ambience in the high-end of the soundscape, while the roared vocals are almost an instrument in themselves, providing roughened texture for the whole project.

"These Minutes" could do with a slicker production to really enhance its soundscape, but it does well with what it has been given and shows that the songwriting is already (mostly) in order. Well worth checking out to stay ahead of the curve.


Download: Fri[end]s, Columns, We Will Never Drown Alone
For the fans of: Dead Hearts, Misery Signals, early As I Lay Dying, Lands,
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Release date 02.10.2012

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