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Written by: PP on 04/12/2012 21:59:32

Although Rise Records have been drastically improving their roster in the past two years, the ghosts of their past still haunt them occasionally, as is the case with American Me, one of the most generic names housed by the label. They have entitled their third album simply as "III", an unimaginative title for a bonehead type of record, which offers little more but Hatebreed inspired monotone chug-chug metallic hardcore/beatdown from start to finish.

For just about 23 minutes spread over ten songs, the band offer a down-tuned, macho driven approach to metalcore and hardcore, where it's a challenge to distinguish one song from another because they are essentially all based on the same, supposedly 'heavy' riff in mildly different variations. The record is essentially one long breakdown without any of the qualities of much better bands like First Blood, Throwdown, or indeed Hatebreed, who all manage to capture things like charisma, urgency, honesty, and good songwriting into their otherwise brutalized form of hardcore/metalcore. Here, the vocalist has tremendous difficulty in applying any sort of variety or charisma to his voice, sending through a monotonous yell that basically comes in one ear and goes out the other without leaving a trace behind.

"III" isn't a bad album because it's a hardcore album or a Rise Records album. It's a bad album because it's monotonous, boring, and is unable to escape the feeling of 'one gear only' for the short duration of the record. There are much better bands in this genre alone, why waste your time with this generic crap?


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For the fans of: Hatebreed, First Blood, Throwdown, Pay No Respect, The Acacia Strain
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Release date 14.08.2012
Rise Records

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