Fraktaler EP

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If "Aldrig Mera Vinter", the first piece of Yersinia's two-EP series, was ying, then "Fraktaler" is most certainly yang; a dark and morose interpretation of the melodic hardcore genre in which Yersinia dabbled on the former. As the opening track of this EP, "Snart, Snart, Nästan Där" (which translates roughly to "Soon, Soon, Almost There") also shows, Yersinia made considerable changes to their sound, borrowing most notably from the current wave movement. Indeed, "Snart, Snart, Nästan Där" sounds a lot like La Dispute on "Wildlife" had that disc been sung in Swedish, while the following "Bortblåst" (which means "Blown Away") is more characteristic of a fast-paced melodic hardcore song that their countrymen in Meleeh could have written. Not once during the five songs on offer here do Yersinia return to the metal infused psychotic fury that made "Efter Oss Syndafloden" such a thrilling listen.

They're not bad songs by any measure, but there is certainly a feeling that something important has been lost along the way in songs like "Eldflugor" ("Fireflies"); what made Yersinia such an exciting prospect has been replaced with quality melodic hardcore songs made unique only by virtue of the language in which they are sung, and the ferocious high-pitched screaming of the vocalist. In "Du Hade Mig vid Sans-Serif" ("You Had Me at Sans-Serif") the song makes a brief excursion to the band's extreme metal influences towards the end, enlisting a punishing, blastbeat backed tremolo melody and howling black metal style vocals as a nice detail. "Det Sista Världen Ska Se av Mig är en Knuten Näve Bland Näckrosorna (Krigsidyll, del 3)", its lengthy title translating to "The Last Thing the World Will See of Me is a Clenched Fist Among Water Lillies (War Idyll, Part 3)", continues in similar vein, reminding me at times of The Carrier's excellent "Hollow Pain", and at times of Immortal's icy shredding.

One thing that Yersinia continue to do exceptionally well is mustering up an atmosphere and then maintaining it. "Fraktaler" is a frostbitten, misanthropic piece of hardcore full of brittle, ringing melodies and characterized by urgency. Where Yersinia disappoint in terms of a comparative lack of edge next to "Efter Oss Syndafloden", they attempt to salvage things with a focus on mood. This cold, dark take on the melodic hardcore genre may not go down as particularly memorable considering how well they pulled it off on "Aldrig Mera Vinter", but it isn't a bad effort, and certainly fans of the bands mentioned just below should consider giving it a chance.


Download: Du Hade Mig vid Sans-Serif, Det Sista Världen Ska Se av Mig är en Knuten Näve Bland Näckrosorna (Krigsidyll, del 3)
For the fans of: The Carrier, Cedron, Meleeh
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Release date 11.05.2012
Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks

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