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With their excellent full-length "Efter Oss Syndafloden" in 2010, Yersinia established themselves as ones to watch in the hardcore genre. Mixing elements of extreme metal into their fiery, and often chaotic brand of hardcore was a winning formula - one amplified by their vocalist's decision to sing entirely in his native language Swedish. Since that album, an extraordinarily violent outing, Yersinia have put out a pair of EPs titled "Aldrig Mera Vinter" (Swedish for "Never Winter Again") and "Fraktaler" ("Fractals"), respectively, the first of which is the subject of this review.

From the opening track and lead single "Våpenbröder" (which translates to "Brothers in Arms"), it quickly becomes clear that Yersinia hope to move in a slightly different direction now, one more closely aligned with their hardcore influences. It is a textbook melodic hardcore track, with urgently galloping drums and ringing melodies aplenty, but a surprisingly well-executed one at that. Despite its lyrics written in Swedish, the song emits universality through a grandiose, optimistic sound that is the polar opposite of the negativity and violence of "Efter Oss Syndafloden". Indeed, there is an uplifting feel to the music here - one that seamlessly flows into the following "Eskapisten" ("The Escapist") as well - that bears a certain resemblance to bands like Casey Jones and Evergreen Terrace, and that cannot be a bad thing.

The melody in the beginning of "Glaspärlespel" ("Glass Pearl Game") reminds me of Your Demise's song "Miles Away", but not in a way that screams plagiarism, and the combination of some extreme metal drumming à la "Efter Oss Syndafloden" with glowing hardcore intensity makes this a clear highlight, though it is symptomatic of something that prevents this EP, as well as the following "Fraktaler", from achieving quite the same level of excellence as the debut album. It's as though Yersinia have forgotten what made their sound so refreshing in the first place, and seen themselves satisfied with music that fans of melodic hardcore will no doubt lap up, but doesn't stand out particularly much amongst the zounds of other bands playing the style these days.

With "Artonde Kapitlet: Fortsätta Bränna Ner" ("Eighteenth Chapter: Continue Burning Down"), Yersinia begin dabbling in the wave movement, sounding curiously similar to British newcomers Vales and, bar the screaming, La Dispute. It's a sign of times changing in the Yersinia rehearsal room, and of people growing up to be sure, but it's difficult to see why, after all the critical acclaim that "Efter Oss Syndafloden" raked up for them, the band has decided to abandon the chaos altogether. Their music is still extremely intense to be sure, as the final song "Mitt Bästa Misstag" ("My Best Mistake") undoubtedly proves, but not on the same suffocating level. It's a good effort nonetheless, and as we shall see, the better of the pair.


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Release date 26.09.2011
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