Lifeline Lost

Your Turn Is Last EP

Written by: PP on 27/11/2012 20:09:25

Lifeline Lost are a relatively new melodic punk rock band from Helsinki, Finland, whose debut EP "Your Turn Is Last" is under review consideration here. They've previously put out a number of demos and such, but this is their real effort of packing five strong songs on a disc to impress the world. Basically, we find ourselves strictly in the late 90s / early 2000s territory, genre-switching between melodicore pop punk a la No Use For A Name to the harder and more edgy melodic hardcore of bands like Ignite and Nations Afire.

In practice, that means lots of prolonged clean vocals, woo-hoo sections, and that sort of stuff. "Victims", in particular, is like straight from any Ignite release with close resemblance to another small band, Growing Pains, from their neighboring country Sweden. It's the best track offered by the EP, and alongside "End Of Days" offers their interpretation of Ignite-lite for fans of that cleanly sung melodic hardcore style. I say lite, because Lifeline Lost still need to acquire a hell of a lot more character to stand up evenly against the European scene, let alone the larger international scene. The songs are in the right direction, but lack the sweet riff, the catchy chorus, the quirky lyric, or the charisma required to make an impression in a genre where bands like theirs are a dime-a-dozen. It's a decent effort though, just very early in their career.


Download: End Of Days, Victims
For the fans of: Ignite, Growing Pains, Nations Afire,
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Release date 18.06.2012

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